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Our SHS STEM squad (Ms Julia, Ms Shaila, Ms Amanda and Mr Andy) started the week with our whole-school Monday morning assembly, introducing the concept of STEM and welcoming our guest-speaker, Jen, who spoke about her work as a female engineer and current project working on the ‘Super Sewer’ system in London.

The focus of this week was for the children to explore the connection between Science, Technology, Maths and importantly, investigating how these subjects all link to something called engineering, also seeing the relevance of it by exploring it as a possible future occupation.

On Tuesday, the children had so much fun in their WILD SCIENCE workshops where they learnt about adaptations, classification and habitats, and had hands-on experience with a large tarantula, snake, frog and a very lovable hedgehog!

Pupils found the sessions really interesting and they were much braver than some of the Teachers when it came to holding some of the animals!

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