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Performing Arts Week at SHS

The celebration of Performing Arts Week is a very exciting and important week in our school calendar. For us at SHS, the importance we place on the performing arts within our curriculum and school life goes beyond recognising Drama and Music as being very popular subjects amongst our children. It highlights the status we place on performance opportunities within all areas of the curriculum as well as specific subjects and clubs such as Drama, Music, Public Speaking and Debating.

The skill-set acquired and developed in these areas are essential in the positive development of our children.

In a world where technology and artificial intelligence is racing ahead of the current programmes of study in both private and state schools, ultimately seeking to eventually absorb a huge percentage of the employment market, it is essential that schools instil a focus on the development of those skills which will make our future adults flourish, thrive and importantly out-perform the codes embedded in future machines.

It’s essential our children develop their ‘soft’ skills and learn how to: work together as a team; think critically; think creatively; embrace their opinion and independent thought; show kindness and compassion; and importantly, know how to express their opinion with substance, purpose and individuality. It is essential for schools in the private sector to use our control over curriculums, objectives and timetables to lead this change; this would hopefully also see a change in assessment requirements at such a young age. Although, we can’t say for certain if we will ever be able to compete on some levels with artificial intelligence, we can say for certain that the human mind is capable of more than just knowledge and application of knowledge and this is hugely apparent within the areas of performing arts.

During our Performing Arts week, our children took part in musical theatre workshops which were delivered by a visiting resident actor from the Old Vic Theatre as well as having the opportunity to take part in our monologue showcase.

The whole-school took part in poetry & prose sessions and Years 4 to 6 enjoyed the challenge of putting on a ‘play in a day’ which was a big hit with the younger years who enjoyed watching the final performance. To finish the week in style, the whole school, including our wonderful Nursery children, had lots of fun in our dance workshops with Perform4All.

Posted by Ms Sasha Gibson, Deputy Principal, Sinclair House School

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