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SUMMER Term 2018

The Summer Term has come around quickly and SHS pupils have been very busy already with lots of School Trips, sports fixtures and even a charity walk! This term we have lots of upcoming events in the calendar, including the ever-popular PGL trip and the

renowned Summer Productions!  

Please view the galleries below to see some of the highlights of what our pupils have been getting up to in and out of the classroom this Summer!

SHS Talent Show in the Park!

Everyone was very excited counting down to our annual SHS Talent Show...and what a lot of talent we have!

A huge well done to everyone who performed; we loved watching you all showcase your special skills.  All your practising paid off!


Posted 6th July 2018


Nursery and Pre-Prep pupils provided a wonderful morning's entertainment on Wednesday performing 'The Bee Musical'.  

Not only did they put on an amazing show, but they reminded us all how important bees are to our global ecosystem,

and convinced everyone to do their part to help save the bees!

All the pupils looked amazing in their costumes and they all enjoyed the dances, performed their lines clearly and loudly and sang their hearts out.
Well done to everyone!

Posted 6th July 2018


On Wednesday evening it was the turn of KS2 to stage their summer production of "Olivia".
The musical was set in Victorian times and traces the steps of Olivia, from downtrodden orphan to "star of the stage".

On her journey to the bright lights of London, she is befriended by Eliza Doolittle (from "My Fair Lady") and, after a series of adventures, becomes a singer in a new Gilbert and Sullivan show, thanks to the unlikely assistance of Fagin and The Artful Dodger.


What a show!  All the pupils performed with such confidence and enjoyment.  They were all true stars of the SHS stage!

Posted 6th July 2018

Sinclair House Prep Sports Day 2018

Once again, we were very lucky with the weather this year and everyone had a fantastic time at the 2018 Sports Day!

We were very impressed with the effort that all the children put into their various events and races, as well as the camaraderie and support shown to their peers - a huge Well Done  to all! 

Posted 21st June 2018

Nursery Sports Day 2018!

Thank you to all out parents for their support and enthusiasm during the Nursery Sports Day!
The children were amazing and gave every activity 100% effort. What real  champions!!
We are so very proud of each and every one of them, for all the effort they put into not only the event itself, but the weeks of preparation and training.
Well done!

Posted 22nd June 2018

KS2 Art & Design and Design Technology Exhibition

We witnessed lots of excited and proud faces this week in the KS2 Art and Design and Design Technology Exhibition 2018!
What a delight to see so many SHS families and friends coming together to support the hard work, imagination and creativity of their children.

Our Head of Art & Design/Design Technology was very proud of everyone - well done Upper School!

Posted 22nd June 2018

KS1 Art Exhibition 2018

Our parents and staff were very impressed with the standard of the artwork done by pupils for the SHS KS1 and Early Years Art Exhibition this week.


Well Done everyone for making this event such a success - what a talented and creative bunch you are!

Posted 22nd June 2018

Year 4 and 6 Trip to PGL Liddington

Year 4 and Year 6 had a brilliant time on their PGL trip, throwing themselves into all the activities Liddington had to offer!

They were all kept very busy with lots of activities throughout the day and the Zip Wire, Giant Swing, Archery and Aeroball proved particularly popular! Well done to all the children for excellent behaviour and for giving all the activities their very best efforts!


Posted 15th June 2018

Year 5 residential trip to Mount Snowden

Year 5 arrived in Wales to be greeted by a picturesque sunset, surrounded by rolling fields, blue skies, wandering sheep and fresh air.
The children enjoyed taking photos of the beautiful backdrop before having a hearty dinner, ready for the task of climbing the tallest mountain in Wales in the morning!
 Approximately 4 hours after taking the first steps up the Llanberis path, the children arrived at the summit of Snowdon!
There were testing times aplenty on the way up, with steep parts and loose stones to navigate, but through sheer determination and camaraderie, they all completed the challenge with impressive energy.

A HUGE Well Done to everyone - you did it...1085 meters! 

Posted 15th June 2018

Year 3 Trip to the Planetarium in Greenwich

Year 3 had a fantastic time on their trip, and managed to pack lots into the day.  Highlights included the Camera Obscura in the Royal Observatory, which showed a moving panorama of Greenwich, standing on the meridian line, and seeing the great equatorial telescope, which is still used today to study the stars.

At the Planetarium, they saw an interactive show called ‘Universe on Your Doorstep’ which examined the motion of the Sun and stars.
They couldn't wait to get back to school to tell their friends all about it!

Posted 15th June 2018

SHS Summer Instrumental Concert

Pupils who learn a musical instrument were invited to perform a piece to the school in the Friday Assembly this May.

The children all performed their pieces with confidence and enjoyment and it was lovely to hear some pupils play for the first time as well as hearing the progress other pupils have made.


A great effort by all and a huge "Well Done" to Aoife and Emma in year 1, Annalise in year 2, Fallon, Nina and Olivia in year 3, Eskandar and Maxence in year 4 and Dariah, Ela and Maxim in year 6.

Posted 14th May 2018

Year 2 trip to St Paul's cathedral

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to St Paul’s Cathedral on Tuesday!

They learnt all about the impact the Great Fire of London had on the city and the cathedral itself back in 1666 and had great fun admiring the beautiful art work and mosaics, investigating artefacts that had survived the Great Fire and learning about the history of the building.

The children also climbed 528 steps all the way up to the Golden Gallery at the top of the dome!


It was worth in the end because as soon as they reached the top they were able to enjoy stunning panoramic views of London. It was so much fun!

Posted 14th May 2018

Reception trip to the natural history museum

The Reception class had an amazing trip on Tuesday to the National History Museum where they participated in a Stegosaurus workshop in line with their topic ‘dinosaurs’.

They learnt all about this particular dinosaur and took part in challenges such as a 3D puzzle and a quiz.

They were even able to hold a real fossil!

Following this, they explored the dinosaur exhibition to find out more about these magnificent creatures. The children’s favourite was the robot T-Rex which moved and sounded just like it was real. It was HUGE!


The children learned so much information which will be hugely beneficial for this terms  topic.

Posted 14th May 2018

Year 1 trip to Kensington Palace

On Tuesday, Year 1 visited Kensington Palace to support their learning about the life of Queen Victoria.

The trip started at the statue of Queen Victoria, where the children were able to hear Queen Victoria’s voice over the phone.

They were all very impressed! They then walked into the Palace and were met by their workshop leader, a Victorian Baroness who told everyone all about Queen Victoria’s childhood and the games she played. They had a lovely time exploring Victorian wooden toys and china dolls.


After lunch they went around the rooms of the Palace. They saw the room where Queen Victoria was born, the chair she used for her first meeting as a Queen and some very sparkling tiaras.


The weather was so lovely that the group ended the trip with cake on the grass and playing in the shade of the trees in Hyde Park.

Posted 14th May 2018

SPRING Term 2018

It's been another action-packed start to the Spring Term at SHS! 

Please view the galleries below for some of the highlights and to see what our pupils have been getting up to in the classroom this Spring.


Lots of children came dressed up as the weird and wonderful characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ this World Book Day, whilst others opted for their favourite characters from a wide range of stories. KS1 enjoyed an extended story time and also had the opportunity to enter a competition to draw or invent a character.

Year 6 paid a visit to the nursery to read to the children, Years 3, 4 and 5 took part in Sinclair House School’s first ever ‘Book Cinema’ where children chose which reading they wanted to attend based on the blurbs and front covers of a variety of books. Authors ranged from Roald Dahl to Yan Martel, and the experience introduced the children to exciting new literature.


At playtimes, the whole school admired the wonderfully creative ‘potato characters’ pupils had been working hard on over the past week, opening up lots of discussions about a variety of books.


A huge thank you to all children and teachers who made it such a special day!

Posted 2nd March 2018


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