The safety and overall happiness of our pupils is of paramount importance to us.  As a school, we work together to safeguard the development and welfare of children, ensuring that their emotional needs are met, and that each one feels safe, nurtured, supported and confident.


We believe that in order for our pupils to thrive, they need to feel valued for who they are and be supported and encouraged to be their very best.


Our outstanding pastoral care programme is integral to the school culture and we encourage openness and honesty across our Sinclair House community.  As a “talking” school, pupils are encouraged to share their feelings across all areas of school life.


Pupils can have one-to-one time with the Pastoral Deputy Head, a little chat with our School Listener, or voice something through the school Post Box.

"The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent...relationships between staff and pupils, and amongst the pupils themselves are very positive & supportive."


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We are committed to maintaining a safe and happy environment where children feel secure and we maintain a strict "zero-tolerance" policy with regard to bullying.  Staff promote positive behaviour, in accordance with our overall aims and ethos, placing a great importance on the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all our children.


The personal development of our SHS children is at the core of our school, in tandem with their academic journey and achievements.


Our PSHE education scheme focuses on building emotional intelligence and on preparing children for life in the wider world.

Our PSHEE lessons engage the children in discussions about mental health, relationships, health and safety, growing up and changing, media literacy and digital safety.

Each class designs their own Mood Meter and Class Charter for the academic year ahead to set positive behaviour expectations within the classroom and the school.   The Mood Meter is actively used throughout each school day and comprises an important part of School Life, enabling pupils to learn how to articulate feelings and recognise energy levels. 


In the Pre-Prep, children can use the Calm Corner to regulate their emotions and behaviour and, in the Prep, pupils have the opportunity to re-calibrate with mindfulness sessions.  Every Wednesday, children can join a Mindfulness walk in the park.

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The development of good social and inter-personal skills is embedded in our teaching from the nursery upwards, and we work to cultivate a culture of empathy across the school. Our PSHEE and Pastoral approach is underpinned by the core British Values and promotes the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Economic development of all the children.


We hold a "Pastoral Assembly" every Monday morning, which allows pupils to share thoughts on a certain subject and develop their ideas together across all year groups. ​


Opportunities to perform and present views are encouraged throughout the school, with designated clubs, informal and formal concerts, the annual art exhibition and class assemblies. We love to celebrate the talents of our pupils and peers enjoy supporting their friends in variety of ways, inside and outside the classroom.  Equally our staff like to award House Points, special mentions and chance cards for such displays of achievement.

"Exemplary behaviour is fostered well within each class...

robust procedures, which are well implemented by staff, promote good behaviour & guard against bullying."