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Sinclair House Siblings Charles & Louise

Bake for Key Workers

Read our special feature with SHS pupils Charles and Louise who recently baked 140 treats for key workers!

Our Headmistress Ms Sasha did a special (virtual) interview with the pair to find out more...


What inspired your bake-off, what did you bake, and for what cause?

Louise:  We love baking and wanted to bake for fun but also, we wanted to help others and baking is a way to do that - if we help each other, the world will be a better place. We hoped our bakes would bring joy to the NHS and bin men and women who are working on the front line. We wanted to thank them for their hard work, to show we are grateful for all they do, hoping to bring comfort and thanks to them.


Charles:  We baked so many cakes and cookies (140 bakes in total!) and by working as a team with my sister and Mum (with Dad being sent out to get more chocolate when needed), we could get a lot done faster.


Louise: It was a really nice feeling and felt positive.

Did you get any feedback from your treats?


Louise:  Yes, we received photos of the NHS receiving the cakes – it was so lovely to receive as they were all smiling and looked so happy. They fully deserve it and it was joyful to see them feeling full of joy and for them to know how thankful we all are for what they do.


Charles:  We were really proud when we saw the photos and inspired to bake more and do it again.


Louise:  You could tell it made them feel good and hopefully it brings them comfort and also motivation to keep going.

Do you have a favourite bake from your collection? 

Charles:  The mousse au chocolat was great and also the almond cakes but the cookies were my favourite to make and package.


Louise:  I liked the almond cakes and enjoyed creating the labels and packaging them.

Did you taste all of your bakes? (I bet that was a fun part!)

Louise and Charles: Yes we did 😊!


Louise: Although, my Mum is an awesome baker so we knew they were going to taste amazing.


How did you package your bakes?

Louise:  We used boxes and bags, with personalised labels of ingredients and stickers on them. I really enjoyed typing the ingredients, making and cutting the labels for the bakes. I think it was one of my favourite parts.


Charles:  I enjoyed putting the cookies in their bags and adding stickers and labels to them!


How long did it take you?

Louise and Charles:  We had to work quickly! We had to bake, create labels and package everything up.


Louise:  We wanted the NHS staff to have the bakes on the Saturday so we had two days to complete everything. We had to calculate how much ingredients we needed and Dad was ready for any last minute dashes to the shop!

Charles:  There was so much to do, and it was very busy, but I loved it!

Would you like to do something similar or something else in the future?

Louise:  Oh yes! It would be great to help again. It could trigger more people to help and also doing it again would mean we are spreading kindness; giving comfort; motivating others; and hopefully emphasising how thankful we are for all the NHS and others are doing during this time.


Charles:  It is very much a part of us and Mum told her all about the NHS and what they are doing so when she came up with the idea, we definitely wanted to help! I also wanted to make sure Mum had us there helping her so she could have breaks. We wanted to help and make a difference.

Louise:  Doctors, nurses and all NHS workers are saving lives right now and it must be a very challenging time for them so if, by doing it again, we can bring them joy and comfort then we will certainly do it again!