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Where Next?

Sinclair House School Fulham

We prepare children for their 11+ examinations and interviews and children at Sinclair House gain places at a whole range of excellent and competitive senior schools, with some achieving scholarships in Music, Drama, Art and Academics.


The Headmistress, along with the 11+ team, works closely with parents to advise and support in the process of the 11+, senior school selection and the consequent application process.


Sinclair House works hard to develop and maintain strong relationships with the top UK senior schools, particularly those in South-West London, so we can help prepare your child for the school that best fits their academic ability, personality and interests.  ​


The type of institutions that our pupils move on to for further study varies greatly; this is because we do not consider ourselves a "feeder school" for any particular secondary, but rather, put a great deal of effort into looking at the type of school environment and education offering that best matches each child and their unique interests and talents.

Please click the link below to view a list of 11+ exit schools.


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