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SHS Give Back

Charity & Local Initiatives

Sinclair House School is a family with a big heart.

We feel very privileged for what we have and are passionate about inspiring and guiding our children to become fair adults who care about their planet and the less fortunate in the world.


In the past years, Sinclair House has supported a range of national and international charities and local community projects including:

Home of Hope School in South Africa, Earth Education Project in Nicaragua, Shelter UK, Plastic Ocean UK, St Thomas' Fulham Soup Kitchen, Teratrees (a Tree planting campaign in Bishop’s Park),  The Trussell Trust Shoebox Appeal


A Tiered Approach: Local, National & International

Our vision for the next two years is based on a three levelled approach to Giving Back: international, national and local.


In support of an international cause, we are launching a partnership with a sister school in Bangalore, India.

Our three SHS Houses (Lions, Panthers and Tigers) are sponsoring the adoption of an endangered feline through the WWF Adoption Programme.


Our national partner charity for the next two years is "Save the Children."

The pupils, parents and staff participated in a school wide vote in September to select our new partner charity for the next two years

and Save the Children became our next national cause.


Throughout the academic year, we will be running fundraising events, such as Mufti days and special initiatives.

Our first event of the year will be Christmas Jumper Day, followed by "Sponsor my New Year’s Resolution", "World Book Day", and "Den Day."


In the Summer term, pupil will participate in the challenge "Turn £5 into £100!"


At a local level, we support the Hammersmith and Fulham Food Bank though termly whole school food collections.


In addition, each SHS year group is involved in a local community project. Initiatives range from litter picking in the local parks to regular correspondence with Fulham care homes.

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