Beyond the Classroom

Critical Thinking & Life Skills

School life is focused on developing each individual child and their talents not just within the classroom and walls of academia but beyond, into the spheres of creative, performing arts, sport and entrepreneurial mindsets.


Pupil-driven projects are supported by staff so that children can hone leadership skills, work within teams, challenge themselves entrepreneurially and recognise the value of their peers’ contributions within different situations. 


We celebrate all achievements beyond the classroom and give time for those pupils to share their experiences with the rest of the school.


Throughout the school year, we invite a range of speakers and inspirational figures, including scientists, authors, actors and artists to the school to speak and/or run workshops to support this area of school life. 


School Council


Year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 elect two School Councillors each year. School Councillors become the representatives for the ‘Voice’,

the opinions of our SHS pupils.


School Councillors collect ideas and suggestions from their peers, meet regularly with the Pastoral Deputy Head and drive forward projects and initiatives. Past successes included: a ban on plastic, the production of an SHS Eco Charter, a lockdown Easter Bake Competition, a poppy making Remembrance Day event.

"The School Council is an important forum for developing pupil autonomy and giving them an essential voice in how School Life is structured."


School Trips

We endeavour to make full use of the rich variety of museums and attractions on our doorstep in London, as well as travelling further afield, offering overseas experiences for our older classes. 


Outside excursions and visits include popular venues such as the Science Museum, The V&A, Kew Gardens, The Wetlands Centre, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, Fulham Palace Gardens, the London Transport Museum, the Royal Albert Hall and Natural History Museum. 

All trips complement elements of the pupils' curriculum learning.

A firm favourite, however, is definitely the Christmas Pantomime and Christmas show!


Extra-curricular Clubs

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, both during the school day and after-school clubs. Our extra-curricular clubs allow children to explore their abilities, discover new talents, and pursue individual interests.​


Our clubs available vary termly to ensure a range of options is provided to enhance pupil’s extracurricular skills and learning. 

Sinclair House also runs an Early Bird Club before the school day commences at 8am, as well as half-term and holiday camps.


​For more information on clubs offered, please contact the School Office.

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