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Our Montessori Nursery sits in the heart of Munster Village. 

It encompasses two large, bright premises, each with outside garden space and play areas.

We aim to provide a happy and relaxed environment where the children are encouraged to develop their self-confidence, sense of independence and social skills.

Children take part in a huge range of activities across the day, including gardening, music and movement, arts and craft, yoga, construction, gymnastics, games, drama and cookery. 

In addition, children are taught French and Spanish, instilling early exposure in preparation for their move to the Prep School.

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The Montessori method is a holistic approach to early education which aims to develop the "whole child."  It is based on the idea that in the Early Years, children absorb information better through choosing, trying and experiencing activities for themselves.  


It focuses on empowering children by giving them the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace.

The Montessori Curriculum is divided into 7 areas of learning: Exercises in Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths, Language Development, Culture, Creative Development and Physical Development.

Pupils use specially-developed Montessori learning materials under the close guidance and observation of Montessori-accredited teachers. This helps young children to develop confidence in their own abilities, and builds self-motivated learners.  

Learning is made accessible to the children by using concrete examples of everyday tasks to illuminate abstract concepts, gradually building understanding through engagement. ​

"The Montessori Method is characterised by the careful nurturing of the independent child, with the planned working environment offering freedom within limits,

& respecting the child’s psychological, physical and social development."


The Daily Montessori Work Cycles allow children to choose their work individually, in pairs or small groups, under the careful guidance of the Directress.


This is designed to build concentration, independence, and order.


There is a strong physical dimension to these activities; learning resources are used to encourage children to develop core skills including, dexterity, balance, and an understanding of different colours, sizes and shapes.


For example, activities include pouring, threading beads, working with shapes and numbers.

In addition, the children participate in guided, teacher-led activities which are often themed by subject, such as art, sports and music.

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Our Montessori Nursery and Pre-Reception is open from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Thursday with an earlier finish of 2.00 pm on Fridays, to coincide with the Prep School Timings and make pick-up easier for families with siblings at both sites.


The children’s Work Cycles start as soon as they arrive and are complimented by extra-curricular activities, delivered on set days by our Specialist Teachers in Sports, Art, Music and Foreign Languages. 

Children have a snack break during the Morning and Afternoon Work Cycles, consisting of fresh fruit or vegetables brought from home, complimented by milk or water by the Nursery.  

Lunch in the Nursery can be provided to the Children by Naked Nosh, our school caterers or a packed lunch can be sent to School. The Naked Nosh menu can be adjusted according to individuals' allergies and intolerances.

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When children join us at the age of 2, they are expected to attend with a minimum of 3 morning sessions, with the option of adding additional morning or afternoon sessions.  This is in order to ensure continuity and ease the children's "settling-in" period.

Once the children turn 3 they move up into the Upper Nursery, where they attend a minimum of five mornings and afternoon sessions are encouraged, to ease the transition into Big School!


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The Transition to Pre-Reception

The children make the transition to Pre-Reception, based at the Prep School, when they’re ready to make the step and they are at least 3 and a half years. The transition into Pre-Reception helps to provide a seamless link across the EYFS settings and support pupils' learning as they "move up" into the Prep School.


The children in Pre-Reception work within the Montessori Curriculum before making the move across to our Mainstream Educational Programme at Reception age. 

Children in our Pre-Reception class have access to a state of the art Montessori Environment, with their own interactive whiteboard and as a norm, partake in all specialist lessons taught at the Prep School such as PE, Languages, Art, Music and Outdoor Classroom.